Classic & Chic Italian Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Last Fall, I featured a luxury jewelry collection from diverse Italian jewelry designers and fell in love with Guiseppina Fermi’s jewelry line which I’m so happy to share with  you today.

What I love about her jewelry is how craftsmanship and luxury materials marry to create a unique and stylish piece of wearable art. Each of Guiseppina Fermi’s piece is handmade and designed with natural stones and pearls set in unique creations of silver and gold pieces.

Her work is reminiscent from Etruscan tradition, oriental impressions, the Renaissance, neo-classical and Gothic influences. She is often cited as “the Angel of Jewels” with Cupid, the God of Love in the Ancient Roman mythology, being her signature icon. VIPs and celebrities such as Elton John have enjoyed her jewels for many years.

Giuseppina Fermi’s design approach is truly unique as she sets stones of unusual natural conformations as the centerpieces of her sculptured jewelry,  and creates the settings around the stones to avoid cutting or forcing them into a specific ‘role’.

In the first gallery below is the Valentine’s Day Collection, a selection of colorful jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis. The second gallery features the Guiseppina Fermi’s Statement Necklace Collection, a higher end prêt-à-porter pieces that can be worn on special occasions. Click on the galleries below to read the full description and pricing.

Valentine’s Day Collection

Guiseppina Fermi Statement Necklace Collection

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the pieces featured in this post or have any questions on the jewelry description, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Note that pricing does not include US Customs Taxes (account for an additional estimated 7% of total cost) and the conversion rate for 1 USD is 0.92 Euros at the time of this blog post. You can check an online currency rate converter for better accuracy.

Hope you enjoy both collections as much as I do. If you’re like me and do not appreciate serial productions, you will truly love wearing Guiseppina Fermi’s contemporary and unique jewelry that you can cherish for many years to come.



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