Elodie’s Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother’s Day

Elodie's Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother's Day

I recently discovered Elodie’s Naturals, an organic line of natural beauty products, created by Elodie Cally, who moved to Northern Virginia after earning her Plant-Based Cosmetic Formulation certification from Paris.

Her new concept includes an online shop where you can purchase your own customized products, like facial cream and facial serum based on your skin type. After filling out a short quiz with three easy steps defining your skin’s type and goals, she’ll formulate a plant-based custom cream made just for you.

Conforming to standards of the European Union, Elodie uses no more than 15 plant-based ingredients in each product. These include aromas created from a natural blend of essential oils and pigments (for lip gloss and lipstick) extracted from foods like beet root and sweet potatoes.

Based on my skin type being dry and sensitive, Elodie concocted my face cream and serum with anti-aging, hydration and brightening for my own skin goals. She also customized the scent to lemon, and I was immediately transported to the South of France! The facial cream texture is not too thick as we’re going into summer. Elodie can easily adjust the texture based on your preferences.

Elodie used the following plant-based active ingredients in my facial custom cream:

  • Urucum: this exceptional antioxidant power is ideal for anti-aging proprieties. Originated from Brazil, this plant helps protect the skin against strong sunlight.
  • Squalane: this is for hydration. It helps prevent moisture losses while restoring the skin’s suppleness and flexibility. 
  • Kombu brown algae extract: coming from France, Britanny, and is a collagen booster and helps reduce wrinkles. 

If hyperpigmentation or brown spots is your concern, Elodie can formulate your cream with Vitamin C +  Cucumber or LARIX SIBIRICA WOOD EXTRACT + Hydrosol or Lemon Essential without furanocoumarin, which are chemimal toxic compounds produced by a variety of plants.

I have been using my Elodie’s Naturals natural cream for a week now and my skin is glowing!

If you are looking to get a cleaned and glowing skin while in quarantine, you will love her products! It’s also the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Elodie can customize the label as well. You can use discount code BONCHIC10 to get 10% on your first order.

Elodie also offers ready-to -go products like Repulping, Plumping and Balancing Serums. And a Dry Oil Body Spray, with a personal scent. She sources her natural aroma from Grasse, France and is also using the European Certification for organic skincare, called Ecocert Cosmos.

When the COVID-19 crisis is all over, Elodie will go back to offering her DIY Cosmetic-Making classes again.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

As always, thanks for reading.

A bientôt  ♥

Elodie's Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother's Day
Elodie's Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother's Day
Elodie's Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother's Day

4 thoughts on “Elodie’s Naturals Skincare + Discount Code for Mother’s Day

  1. First, beautiful outfit! I may have to “style steal” at some point! I love the eyelet and all white look with the trousers. So fresh and Springy! Your skin looks wonderful too. I love trying different natural skin care products and have added some to my routine. These sound interesting! I used to have melasma from bc pills, and Vit C took care of that!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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