Parisian Chic Essential: The Blazer

If you’re looking to elevate your daily ensemble with that Je Ne Sais Quoi French girl allure, simply style your outfit with a blazer and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get that effortless chic look instantly.

A blazer adds instant sophistication to any outfit. There are a few styling tricks you might want to keep in mind if you’re interested in dressing like a French girl.

1. Go for an oversized blazer. You can thrift the perfect oversized menswear blazer from your Hubby’s closet or buy the next size up.

2. Wear your blazer with jeans. This is an outfit formula that always works: a sleek blazer + turtleneck or white blouse + denim jeans + boots, heels or white sneakers. This is literally my go- to uniform for a casual day at the office or running errands on the weekend – with sneakers that is!

3. Style your blazer with a printed dress, skirt or leggings for a chic contrast — which is perfect for spring! A maxi dress and blazer combo will most likely be my favorite outfit combination this spring and summer.

4. For a more fun date look, you can also wear your blazer with shorts and tights! Love an elongated blazer to cover the length of the shorts.

Aside from the classic sleek black blazer, you can invest in a plaid or checked blazer if you don’t already own one or go for a more neutral or colorful palette.

You can see how I styled this oversized plaid blazer two years ago and this neutral blazer with print leggings last fall and shop my selection below you can actually wear year round.

Be ready to see more blazer chic outfits in your inbox this spring! Suits in particular with Bermuda shorts will be a huge trend this spring and summer!

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10 thoughts on “Parisian Chic Essential: The Blazer

  1. I always had a black velvet jacket, as I read a book on looking fantastic from 1978, which decreed that this was the Thing To Do. Nowadays it’s more modern and not velvet For me, a black jacket is a style staple.

  2. Christine, these are all such great looks. I have a similar blazer and I have worn it with jeans and graphic tees and skirts and dresses. I love a good tailored blazer to add a structured element to a more casual look. And I am dying over your combat boots, of course! So my thing! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


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