Handmade Contemporary and Chic Italian Jewelry

Mixing fine jewelry with fun custom pieces is a great way to accessorize any chic outfits. In one of my earlier posts, I share why I prefer investing in fine and timeless pieces and occasionally staking it up with fun seasonal pieces like beads or leather wrap bracelets.

This spring, I have the pleasure to collaborate with Italian jewelry designer Eleonora Ghilardi and feature her beautiful and unique contemporary jewels. Eleonora Ghilardi lives and works in Lodi, Italy. In 2012, she created the logo E.G. Eleonora Ghilardi Ceramics & Jewels and her jewelry line is sold throughout Italy.

Her main collection includes ceramics jewels, made with porcelain beads with platinum and gold drops. Her other collections like the Ghirigori and Sakura collections featured below were created with the technique of lost wax casting, which is so unique in jewelry design. Each piece is made of bronze or silver. Ghirigori means Squiggles, and Sakura is the name of the Japanese cherry blossom trees.


As part of my collaboration, I’m pleased to offer 15% OFF to all my readers and followers. Just note that pricing does not include US Customs Taxes (account for an additional estimated 7% of total cost) and the conversion rate for 1 USD is approximately 0.92 Euros at the time of this blog post. You can check an online currency rate converter for better accuracy.

These handmade and unique pieces are sure to make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of her pieces featured here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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