Collaboration with YogaWorks

Collaboration with YogaWorks

I’m so excited to collaborate with YogaWorks, a national yoga school with over 60 studios in the US.

I had injured my knee and torn my ACL last spring while skiing in Colorado, so after three months of physical therapy, the doctor advised that I give yoga a try. When YogaWorks approached me for the collaboration, I flatly told them that I had never done yoga before and they reassured me that they offer yoga classes for all fitness levels and all ages. They actually believe that “Yoga is for every body”, which is a great moto!

The yoga studio closest to me is in Fairfax, VA – they have four locations in the Washington DC Metro area. I love how airy the studio is! All of the instructors are super nice and have been very attentive to assure that I’m doing the correct position and tell me how to adjust if needed.

So far, I have taken the following classes:

Pure Power Flow: a dynamic vinyasa class with weights. It’s a 6O minute heated class where you can develop lean body mass, burn calories and create overall health and well being.

Gentle Yoga: this class is for beginners where you stretch and strengthen the body while calming the mind. Pranayama (Yoga breathing), gentle and deliberate movement, and guided relaxation increases flexibility, balance, centeredness and well-being. This class is ideal on high-stress or lower-energy class.

They also offer yoga classes for kids. My daughter was so excited to come with me and meet other kids!

Next week, I’m looking to take the Yin Yoga and Hot Pilates Mat classes. I’m still adjusting to the heat and humidity level but as soon as I drink water with electrolytes like Vitamin Water a few hours before, I should last the whole class 🙂

I ‘m so happy I started my new yoga journey! I just love how rested and focused I get after each class. You do sweat a lot but it’s totally worth it!

About you? Have you tried yoga? Any tips you can share?

Thank for reading this post.

A bientôt!

Collaboration with YogaWorks
Collaboration with YogaWorks
Collaboration with YogaWorks
Collaboration with YogaWorks

6 thoughts on “Collaboration with YogaWorks

  1. Oh how wonderful! I am always hearing so many great things about yoga yet I have resisted giving it a go. Mostly because I’m lazy and partially because I have been afraid to be out and around people lately. But every time I read a positive review, I get one step closer to making the commitment to give it a try. Thanks for sharing and linking up! These photos are fantastic!


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