A French Girl’s Beauty Routine Secrets 

Spring is finally here! It’s a great time to change our beauty routine to refresh our skin from the dry cold winter temperatures and prepare it for the harsh sun exposure.

I’ve always been extra vigilant about protecting my skin. It’s mainly due to the fact that I have a fair and sensitive skin, but also that I had a basal cell removed right after I turned thirty. That was the wake up call for me. The good news according to my dermatologist, it’s never too late to protect your skin as it repairs itself overtime.

My daily personal care regimen is fairly simple and inexpensive.  Throughout the year, I use the same skin care routine and stick to it. You know, it’s all about taking those preventive steps!  My annual ritual involves the same eye cream, face cleanser and toning lotion, all Clarins products for dry or sensitive skin. The gentle foaming shea butter cleanser is so smooth on my skin and I love the smell of the toning lotion with camomille, which is alcohol-free.


The only skincare products I change between each season are my daily moisturizer, face mask and concealer.

With more exposure to the sun, a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 is a must-have. This spring, I switched to Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-Aging Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 15. I wear it at night too. If you sleep with a moisturizer, you wake up with a more hydrated and plump skin.

I also apply Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer Plus on top. Double the hydration! I don’t wear foundation so this CC cream is perfect since it has a touch of foundation. For a date night, I finish the look with bareMinerals compact powder. Otherwise, I follow the “less is more” approach when it comes to make up!

For those dark under-eyes bag days, I apply Maybelline’s Brightening Creaming Concealer. It gives a nice illuminated and fresh look.

My latest beauty product obsession is Aveeno in-shower facial. It works just like a mask, but with the steam of your shower. The lemon peel extract and moisture rich soy leaves my skin so glowing and soft and the best part is saving time!

While I do adhere to a rigorous beauty regimen, I also have a few other “secrets” that contribute to my overall looking and feeling beautiful:

1. I drink at least one liter of water a day between meals and two cups of green tea. Once in a while, I drink a cup of Detox tea like Yogi (available at Whole Foods). And yes, I also have a glass of wine with dinner every day. Wine has amazing anti-aging benefits.

2. I detox with a fresh vegetable soup every Sunday night. Recipe to come soon to the blog!

3. I eat anti-oxidants like blueberries or strawberries at breakfast.

4. I sleep at least 8 hours and disconnect from my phone a good hour before going to bed.

5. I walk 30 minutes every day after dinner now that the days are longer.

6. I eat well and enjoy quality food, especially fresh produce. No preservatives please! Family meals are big at our house. I avoid all types of fatty snacks except for good chocolate and fruits.

7. I spend quality romantic times with my hubby 🙂

But you want to know the real secret to French beauty? Confidence!

Hope you enjoyed this post. As always, thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “A French Girl’s Beauty Routine Secrets 

  1. I always enjoy your posts. I do suggest kicking up the SPF to 30 in the summer and don’t forget to use it on your hands. We don’t realize the exposure our hands get – especially when driving. The sun’s rays are intensified as they come through the car windshield … even a tinted windshield.


    1. Thanks so much for your tip Judith! I’m totally with you on kicking up the SPF to at least 30 in the summer. We do tend to forget about protecting our hands when driving. Got to have your sunscreen with you at all times!

  2. This is wonderful, Christine! From an Aquarius to a Gemini : ), thank you for sharing! I also have dry and sensitive skin – will check out the Clarins line. And I agree, confidence is the best beauty secret of them all.

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