A French Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can be stressful but when you’re French, holiday gifting is not as much about finding the “perfect gift” for that special someone in your life but more about capturing the identity of the person with a sentimental and symbolic gift.

For the French, creating an emotion and memories is more important than the price tag. Even the gift wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect. What matters is the thought behind and not how much you spend. There’s a bit of pressure though on the romantic front for the French  gentleman who is looking for that unique gift. Chances are he started his search early but will wait until the last minute to gift wrap it and throw it together in a paper bag!

While I think about gift ideas throughout the year for my close friends and family, I have to admit that I secretly think about my list, which usually consists of small luxuries (scented candle or intimates); fine art or rare books; timeless gifts (Hermes scarf or piece of jewelry) and overpriced beauty products that I would not necessarily buy for myself during the year.

Here’s my holiday wish list which includes that unique gift from Dear Hubby. Note that my Hubby is not French and that I kindly remind him about my wish list a month out before the holidays :-). Can you guess which gift will be his?

  1. Diptyque CandleDiptyque Scented Candle: talk about a small luxury! These Parisian candles are a bit pricey at $62, but they are worth every penny! Made with a lush combination of wax and perfume, their scent is very natural. My favorite scent is Baies, which is a bouquet of roses sweetened with black currant leaves. Plus, the design of the candle makes any room feels super elegant and chic. Available on Amazon.
  2. Chantelle Intimates: Chantelle is my absolute Parisian-made lingerie line. Designed in France, all of their bras have the perfect-fit and hand wash very well. Their lace collection is super feminine with delicate embroidered lace throughout. $62 on Amazon.
  3. Hermes Leather Bracelet:  French girls have an obsession for Hermes. From our first Hermes scarf for our 18th birthday to our first jewelry piece when we get engaged, every Hermes gift is symbolic of a rite of passage. My latest obsession is this leather bracelet in fire orange, priced at $560.hermesleatherbracelet
  4. Yves-Saint-Laurent La Parisienne Perfume: This scent is so light and fruity with notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood. It always reminds me of a floral scent from Le Jardin des Tuileries. 3 ounces, $50.99 on Amazon
  5. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream: This is the ultimate hand cream! I have sensitive and dry skin and the mix of shea butter, honey, almond and coconut oil always leaves my skin super soft. The 5.2 oz size is perfect to carry in your handbag. $28 on
  6. Lancôme Skincare and Lipstick: Every Christmas, I like to splurge on skincare and make up. With the colder winter temperatures, it’s a good time to double up on your moisturizer for both your skin and lips. Lancôme’s Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream, $62.19 on Amazon and Shine Lover Vibrant Lipstick, $26 on Amazon are the perfect solution. garance-dore
  7. Garance Doré’s Love, Style, Life Book: Blogger and author of “The Guardian of All Style”, her new book is out and it’s all about how to get your own effortless chic look. A great read over the holiday break. $20.40 on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide. Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be sharing my holiday gift guide for your special man in your life.

Happy Holiday Season!

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