How to Pack for Paris in the Winter

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially when you’re traveling to a very fashionable destination such as Paris. A friend of mine who’s going to Paris in December, recently asked me how to pack a capsule wardrobe to fit her carry on and look as chic as a Parisian. My recommendation for essentials also had to meet her travel guidelines:

  • 40 °F temperatures
  • Lots of walking/sightseeing
  • Need for comfort and style
  • Must travel well (not be heavy, bulky, or wrinkle easily)
  • Must wash well (no high maintenance fabrics)
  • Must be versatile – not every piece, but a few to go from day to night

With comfort and style in mind, here’s the list of winter essentials that anyone can mix and match to get that elegant Parisian look:

  1. Black leggings with oversized sweater (for the plane ride and walking around)
  2. Ankle black booties or a good pair of walking boots (low heels recommended)
  3. Black leather jacket or blazer (great versatile piece to go from day to night)
  4. Skinny or boyfriend jeans (black or grey preferred)
  5. Sneakers for comfort (on non-rainy days)
  6. Black jersey dress (doesn’t wrinkle when packed)
  7. Black lace tights (to keep you warm with style)
  8. Black cotton turtleneck (for those windy days)
  9. Extra large wool scarf (every Parisian men and women owns one)
  10. Warm coat (military styles are huge this fall)
  11. Wool hat (Beanie or Fedora style)
  12. Red lipstick (my favorite is Mac Lipstick in Rebel)
  13. Longchamps Le Pliage handbag (easy to fold and waterproof, bring an extra one in your luggage for that extra shopping)
  14. Black clutch (for your Parisian soirée)

Remember, Parisian women are all about that chic, effortless look. Keeping your ensembles simple and never overdone is key.

For more Parisian street style looks and inspiration, check out my Pinterest  board:

Would love to hear your comments or questions if you’re planning a trip to the City of Light.

Until then, Bon Voyage!

2 thoughts on “How to Pack for Paris in the Winter

  1. I am frequently in Paris , maybe just even for the day .I have about four pairs of shoes and boots called my ” Paris” shoes…. Once I measures I walked 16 miles in a day!! No allowances for discomfort with shoes!!

  2. This post is so incredibly helpful! Thanks Christine! I was shopping in Canada a few weeks ago and had this post open as well as the pinterest board while in the stores! Grabbed a few essentials per your recommendations. Thank you merci thank you merci!

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